Echinops ritro ‘Veitch’s Blue’

Gardening Hints and Tips



Control methods for Rose Rust


  • Growing rust resistant roses lessens the risk of infection.
  • Grow healthy plants in well drained soil in full sun thus giving the plant optimum growing conditions.
  • Collect and burn all rose debris in the autumn to prevent re-infection.
  • Early spring apply 5 – 7.6cm deep organic mulch under the bush to cover over wintering ground spores.
  • Do not plant roses too close together, this allows for good air circulation.
  • Pruning to keep bushes open gives good air circulation.
  • Promptly and thoroughly cut out and destroy any stems showing rust lesions.
  • Wash all pruning equipment to prevent the spread of infection.


Currently there is a large choice of products available to treat rose rust. For the treatment of rose rust an organic approach can be adopted.

The use of a dispersible sulphur based fungicide is an acceptable ‘organic’ fungicide. Follow all manufacturers’ instructions. Should the stock be badly affected then treat with Myclobutanil which shows good results. The optimum time to treat for rose rust is spring and summer.

Spring– spray plants, both sides of leaf and stem, with a pesticide before over wintering spores germinate.

Summer – spray the lower leaf surface with a pesticide.